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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Epic Return! (Kinda)

Huh?  What's this?  A new blog?  New diabetes information, stories, and ways to connect?  Awesome!  But who is this mysterious new blogger coming on to the scene?  Do I know her?  Why is she familiar?

Welcome new friends and old followers alike to an all new experiment; T1D Blogs; college edition!  I'm your host, Reed!  Some of you may remember me from the old blog I operated under, the Secret Life of the Diabetic Teenager.  I decided to switch up the blog since, 1) After Children's Congress I spent more time senior year on school than blogging, and (probably the more significant) 2) I'm not a teenager anymore!  Turning 18 in May, I have graduated from teenage-dom and moved into the exciting world of young adult!  As such, I am now a mature young adult who does responsible things!

Nah, just kidding.  I'm still a giant dork.

Nevertheless, I am starting college this Friday, and diabetes in college (I've been told) is hard.  You're on your own; no 504, no parents, no one telling you 'cotton candy at 2AM is a bad idea (where you would even find cotton candy at 2AM is another story).'  It's a time to sink or swim, and my personal goal is to swim.  It won't be easy, but I'm hoping this blog will be a good place to jot my thoughts down, share fears, and connect with fellow T1D's!  Whether they're just starting college, have a few years to go, or just read these things for fun (looking at you, D-Mamas!).

You can share this to your hearts content, let your friends know, or stay up to date by subscribing to the blog or entering your email above if you don't have a blogger account.  So let's go; freshman year, diabetic secrets, finding out what works and what doesn't, and making new friends along the way!  Full out blog posts (not just an introduction one) start tomorrow!

Join me, shall you?

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