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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

T-Minus 2 Days (Everything Hits the Ceiling, DO NOT PANIC)

The last few days have been a roller coaster to say the least.  My last week before leaving for school started with an ear, sinus, and throat infection.  Joy.  At least it explained my highs - almost 400's with no signs of coming down.  It's been annoying to say the least.

Sometimes when a person's blood sugar is high for a really long time without ever coming down, when they do come down it feels like they're low. And then their blood sugar rises back to the 200-300 range, and they feel 'normal.'  I'm getting this distinct fear that's going to happen to me the way my blood sugar's are acting.

I not so proudly present today's blood sugars.  The two most recent say HIGH, which for non Omni-Pod users means over 500 somewhere.  After the first time it said that (9:40PM), I injected 6 units.  Now, about an hour later, there's still no change.  Or their might be, and I just can't see it.  I'm putting my Dexcom sensor back on tomorrow, but until then I'm correcting blind.  Which, FYI; super dangerous and super not-very-adult-ish.  I'm not doing so well at the adult thing.

Side Note #1: Blogging while over 500 is hard because it's super easy to get distracted.

Now insane highs are nothing new for diabetics.  But sadly, I am about to lose the person down the hall who constantly checks up on me.  That's a really scary concept, especially if you haven't been on your own dealing with blood sugar before.  What do you do when you're high like that?  What if you're low?  As these questions come into my head, I thought I'd share some tips and such for what I'm bringing and what I'm planning to do in case of a situation like this at school.

#1. Hey Thanks Cellie
Cell phones are a beautiful thing.  Calling, internet, Facebook, blogging (wink wink)...but maybe the greatest innovation is the glorious text.  Though my Mom isn't down the hall anymore, she is just a screen tap away.  And being a light sleeper, a buzz from her phone will wake her up pronto.  I know she'll text me back, give me advice on what to do, and stay up with me until I come back down.  Love you mom!

Side Note #2: I just tested again and I'm still not coming down.  There are two empty water bottles by me time to break out the third. 

#2. Wait There's The Other Direction
So high blood sugar is one thing.  But what about lows?  Those are much harder to treat, and much scarier at night alone.  What to do?

Two words.  Pixie.  Sticks.

See, after my graduation party, I ended up with a ton of leftover pixie sticks from my candy bar.  Like 'there is a giant ziploc bag of 200' leftover.  I can't find any pictures but trust me they're there.  Naturally instead of throwing them away, I've been using them for middle of the night lows not dangerous enough to demand juice.  Put a couple dozen into a pretty jar, and it's an instant decorative/useful piece.

#3. Keep Occupied
There is a 90% chance that in the middle of the night you don't want to stay up to keep testing.  Falling back asleep is really easy for me, which is good for getting enough rest for class but bad because I need to re-check.  While there won't be any immediate consequences if I stay in the high 300's for six hours, if it keeps happening I'll cause long-term damage.  So if you're like me, find a way to keep yourself occupied while waiting for blood sugar to come down.  YouTube videos and mindless games seem to work well.

Side Note #3: Checked again and BG is 406!  Never thought I'd be happy to see that number.  But now I'm worried I may have overcorrected...

I think now would be a good time to sleep - I have to be up in 5 hours anyway to drive to California.  If you'd be so kind, leave your high/low advice in a comment!  Also, I apologize profusely for any spelling/grammar mistakes I've made.  Take it as a lesson in what blogging while high will do to you!

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